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finance and management

Our mission


We contribute to the sustainability of your business with guidance and operational assistance in finance and business administration.


What can we do for you today?

  • To support you with specific expertise,

  • To provide you with efficient financial support,

  • To walk you through green finance?

Trust us, we're here to help.

Help you to perform better and longer.

Our strenghts

  • Our professional experience in finance and business management

  • A result-oriented approach

  • Dedicated to sustainable businesses.

A sustainable company is a company that focuses on the future. Sustainable, profitable and responsible, it is a successful company. 

our offer

Business Partnering

Need a Management Partner to help you manage your business?

We come up with a concrete solution: a long-term support to develop performance indicators (KPI), perform monthly reporting and analysis, identify corrective actions, implement improvement projects, or help you with your green finance decisions.


Allow you to perform longer.


  • Extensive experience in Finance and Administration

  • A result-oriented approach

  • A unique tailored service 

  • Dedicated to sustainable business

Profile management.jpg
the place.jpg

The profile...

... to fit your needs! Business controller, financial analyst or finance manager to strengthen your team ?

The time... really need: your activity does not require a full-time resource? Let us evaluate the time required :1, 2, 3 or 4 days a week?

The location...

... that suits you! In your premises or remote? It is also possible to adjust it : periodic face-to-face and remote work.

mission - expertise

Short-term assignment: a specialist dedicated to a project

to improve the performance of your enterprise.


our offer

On demand

Depending on your need and expected results


Flexible and tailor-made

Adaptive, we remain at your disposal.


You will find below some examples.

Mission expertise.jpg

project management

  • Budget

  • Cost reduction

  • ERP deployment (SAP)

  • Tool implementation

  • New organization

  • Small Business Mission


Management control

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Corporate/IT

  • International

  • Environmental

creation / Ad hoc

  • Green Finance

  • Reporting tools

  • Reporting structure

  • Finance function audit

  • Ad hoc analyzes

  • Leadership

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